About Tiki Āhua

Tiki Āhua

The Concept

  • The ancient concepts found within the words ‘Tiki’ and ‘Āhua’ sit at the heart of this kaupapa (initiative).

    In this context, tiki represents the unborn deity, Rūaumoko. It draws references to the developmental phases of life, both within the womb and in the designer’s creative pathway.

    Tiki represents the desire or pursuit to become something, to have more, do more and be more.

    Tiki is also a pivotal phase in the creation process of the universe.

    Āhua describes the marks on this earth, from the moko or physical scars created by Rūaumoko moving in the womb of Papatūānuku, the Earth Mother, It also represents the tangible expressions developed by the designers as part of their creative journey.

    Āhua ultimately describes a process, representing the development of a shape or form, as well as the final fruit or result. It combines looking into the past, with a view forward in to the future.

    Tiki and Āhua are both driven by an aspirational desire to produce an outcome.

Tiki Āhua 2016 Theme

Kā Mura | Set Alight

  • Kā Mura is inspired by our ancestors, Te Pūpū and Te Hoata.

    These subterranean goddesses of fire, as many here know, are remembered for creating the geothermal imprint that stretches from the East Coast of the North Island right through to the mountains of the Central Plateau.

    Our history says that the great Ariki and Tōhunga of the Arawa canoe, Ngātoroirangi was seized by the cold of the central North Island mountains. He called to his sisters in Hawaiki, who, turn, summoned the fiery goddesses, our heroines.

    Te Pūpū and Te Hoata, ploughed through the depths of earth and ocean, in a desperate journey, to bring life saving warmth to Ngātoroirangi. In their wake, they left a pathway of fire – a part of which includes Te Whakarewarewa Valley.

    Kā describes the act of setting alight, while mura, is a flame. Together, they describe the fostering of life and creation, bringing something into existence.

    This, aptly, also describes the creative process, whilst linking it to the flames and fire that were started by our ancestors, the sisters of fire. Ka Mura | Set Alight is the theme and inspiration for Tiki Āhua 2016.

Your Hosts

  • C4A9392

    Turanga Merito

    Artistic Director

    Drawing all of this creativity and beauty and talent together in to a seamless and mind blowing 3 and a half hour show and two hour concert is our artistic director, Turanga Merito. Turanga spent many years playing Simba in the Sydney version of Disney’s Lion King Musical, has had lead roles in The Wedding SingerHigh School MusicalWestside Story and Chess and more. He is Sydney-based where he teaches vocal and dance students and in his spare time has worked for x-Factor New Zealand as a vocal coach, as a backing singer for Stan Walker in his Beyoncé tour, Australian Idol and is choreographer for the annual New Zealand Christmas in the Park events.

  • Matai Profile Pic extended

    Matai Smith

    Master of Ceremonies

    Weaving this magic together in to a seamless story, on the night, will be the mission of our Master of Ceremonies, the award winning broadcaster, Matai Smith. 

    Now based in the Gold Coast, Matai was first seen as host of Pūkana, a children's show on Māori Television. Later, he became known as host of Kōrero Mai and Whānau, as then Hōmai te Pakipaki and Good Morning on TV 1.  

    From 2005 to 2007, Matai won Best Te Reo Māori Television Presenter (Male) at the Māori Media Awards, and in 2012 he won Best Presenter in the Entertainment/Factual category at the New Zealand Television Awards for his work on Hōmai Te Paki Paki.


  • Che Fu High Res

    Che Fu

    With the most top ten songs of any individual in New Zealand musical history, Che-Fu is one of the country’s most successful and beloved recording artists. Originally coming to attention as a founding member of iconic kiwi band ‘Supergroove’, Che went on to forge a solo career unrivalled in its success and the trail that it blazed not only for hip hop, but kiwi music. Che writes and produces all his own music as well as writing the treatments and directing his music videos. Che is also an established club DJ having had a number of residencies throughout New Zealand, which earned him the right to judge at NZ DMC's and ITF’s DJ competitions.

  • whenua 2

    Whenua Patuwai

    One thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain "Bob Marley" 

    Whenua Patuwai is a R&B/Soul artist from Christchurch. He was runner up X-Factor 2013 and went on to release "Something Special" single following the show. Later that year, Whenua toured with Stan Walker and Guy Sebastian.

    Whenua’s debut album was "Soul Sessions" which was released in 2014 and made No1 on NZ charts.

  • Seth Haapu

    Seth Haapu

    Seth Haapu is a new kind of singer-songwriter. A velvet voice, calm and collected with a soul for inventive melodies, provocative storytelling and arrangements that don’t quite go where you expect.

    2011 saw his debut record released, showcasing soulful laments to throwback R&B, from keyboard rhapsodies to alternative pop. It smoothly set in motion a growing impression that Seth is a rare talent.
    His recent release, ‘Volume I’ marked a return for Seth after time spent exploring fresh creative avenues and turning points to become the narrator of a new story.

  • Street Candee Pic

    Street Candee

    Street Candee is a sassy, vibrant, multitalented female dance company specializing in Hip Hop, Burlesque and Jazz Funk. 

    Street Candee is the Kiwi version of the Pussycat Dolls Dancers – feisty, beautiful and sophisticated - that can also “throw down” in the HipHop scene! This group of oustanding female dancers are led by Rina Chae. 

    Rina has taken the dance industry by storm, sharing the stage with top chart artists such as Beyonce, Chris Brown, Neyo and Justin Bieber.